13 points why Cristiano Ronaldo is a problem at Manchester United

13 points why Cristiano Ronaldo is a problem at Manchester United

A Manchester United fan has listed out as many as 13 points why he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is a problem at Old Trafford.

Man United re-signed Ronaldo from Juventus in the summer but since his arrival, the club has somewhat dropped in form.

Several players have complained about body language in the team, something that wasn’t heard during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s era.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United and his goals contributions helped United go through to the Champions League round of 16 but this fan thinks otherwise.

The Man United fan, who also writes for ManUtdTimes, also questioned Manchester United’s DNA following Ronaldo’s return – and hinted something close to what Gianluigi Buffon said about Juventus losing their DNA after signing Ronaldo.

Below are the points he shared on his Facebook page and the post has attracted several comments already.

1. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer never planned to have Ronaldo in his squad, hence the reason why Edinson Cavani’s contract was extended by one year.

2. Solskjaer never planned to be without Daniel James this season but Ronaldo’s signing left him no choice but to sell him off the Leeds United.

3. OGS was then forced to change the tactics he planned with his players during pre-season after Ronaldo was signed, hence why United failed to hit the stride under his watch.

4. One could easily imagine Solskjaer’s front line to be Rashford, Greenwood and Sancho, with both Martial, Cavani and James on the bench but Ronaldo’s arrival forced him to rotate these players in Rashford’s and Sancho’s positions, leaving Ronaldo’s place untouched. The one time he did it, SAF questioned him.

5. Solskjaer needed more time to blend Ronaldo into the squad or let me say, teach the rest of the 10 players to play to Ronaldo’s strength and he failed because these current players never learned how to play for a player but for the team. Sometimes, it looks like they are all playing to please Ronaldo, rather than the fans or team.

6. Solskjaer gets sacked after he failed to live up to what he never bargained for – welcoming Ronaldo to the squad and trying to change the players’ mentality to suit a player.

7. Ronaldo has scored 13 goals and has somewhat scored the match-winning goals in the UCL group stage. As a result, many fans think United wouldn’t have made it through if it wasn’t for him but they are wrong and that’s what Ronaldo wants these fans to think. If Ronaldo wasn’t signed, Fernandes would have gotten double digits of goals and assists already. Rashford, Sancho, Cavani, Greenwood would have been scoring and assisting too. Man United won PSG, Leipzig without Ronaldo, they would have done the same easily against Young Boys, Atalanta and Villarreal if the mood from last season was in the team this season.

A Manchester United fan accused Cristiano Ronaldo of being a problem at Manchester United
A Manchester United fan accused Cristiano Ronaldo of being a problem at Manchester United

8. I didn’t hear players complain about body language during Solskjaer’s watch but I have heard it from several players after Ronaldo’s arrival. It keeps the dressing room unsettled.

9. Manchester United haven’t scored a notable goal from counter-attack this season and of course, a team needs a pace to do that. Ronaldo at no.9, not as fast as he was, slows down United’s counter-attack, hence why United have to rely on him to make the difference.

10. Several pundits have accused Ronaldo of United’s problems, and sometimes I think they are not wrong. The young players play to please Ronaldo, they get scared of playing what’s on their mind and Ronaldo gets angry if he doesn’t get the ball.

11. Walking off the pitch whenever United loses points, and failing to applaud the away fans is not a sign of unity in the team.

12. Ralf Rangnick replaced Solskjaer, thinking he would make a difference but I hate to be the guy to say United’s performance has been worse.

13. Football has changed. It is no longer 10 players playing for that special player, but 11 players playing for one special goal – to win a game. Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea – they all play as a team but United? They play to please Ronaldo. And it’s painful.

14. The only way things could change at United is if the whole team agree that they want to play for Ronaldo and help him win things, then we would see a massive improvement at the club but Rashford, Greenwood, Sancho? They are young and they wouldn’t want to spend their best years trying to lift a player, who has already played his best years, in his twilight.

Finally, I officially want you to know that I believe Ronaldo is a problem at Manchester United. He’s my GOAT. I would rather feel very pleased supporting him while he plays for another team than for United.

Just because something is good, doesn’t mean it will be good for you.

Manchester United will return to action on January 15 against Aston Villa at the Villa Park.

United will look to bounce back to winning ways after succumbing to a 1-0 defeat to Wolves at Old Trafford on Monday night.