David de Gea and Ralf Rangnick react to Victor Lindelof’s heart issue during Norwich clash

David de Gea and Ralf Rangnick react to Victor Lindelof's heart issue during Norwich clash

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea was pleased with Victor Lindelof’s decision to get substituted after complaining about his breathing during the Norwich City clash.

The Man United centre-half was replaced by Eric Bailly in the second half after he complained that he wasn’t breathing too well.

According to Ralf Rangnick, the Sweden international collided with a player before his breathing issue emerged.

“I don’t know what was going on,” said de Gea. “He [Victor Lindelof] was feeling a bit… [struggling] breathing. We saw Eriksen, Agüero – it was better to change. Hopefully he’s fine.

“The game doesn’t matter, the football… First of all, it’s life, [the most important thing] is to be safe.”

Ralf Rangnick said of Lindelof: “He had a collision, he can’t even remember what it was. He was struggling to breathe — they did all the tests, he seems to be ok.

David de Gea and Ralf Rangnick hope Victor Lindelof's heart issue isn't serious
David de Gea and Ralf Rangnick hope Victor Lindelof’s heart issue isn’t serious

“For more than ten minutes his [Lindelöf] heart rate was higher than normal – he was shocked and didn’t know how to deal with it.”

David de Gea made five saves to deny Norwich City from scoring, hence helping Manchester United win the clash with a clean sheet.

The Spaniard said he feels ‘very confident’ and ‘very strong’ but conceded that the most important thing is to help the team.

“I was feeling very good, I was enjoying the game, I was focussed, I knew I had to make a couple of saves so I made them and helped the team win the game,” de Gea told Sky Sports.

“Every save is important – especially when the team wins.

“I’m feeling very good, very strong, very confident. The most important thing is helping the team with my experience.”