Paul Pogba reveals meaning behind nickname ‘La Pioche’ and fires warning to Manchester City

Paul Pogba reveals meaning behind nickname 'La Pioche' and fires warning to Manchester City

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has explained why he is nicknamed as ‘La Pioche’ and also sent Premier League title warning to Manchester City and Liverpool.

Getting nicknames is one of the most common teams in the world and footballers are not restricted from rolling with the fun.

Bruno Fernandes is nicknamed as the ‘Portuguese Magnifico’ due to his superb performances on the pitch.

Pogba’s nickname is ‘La Pioche’ and because it is in French, most Manchester United fans may not know the meaning of the title.

The Frenchman has revealed that his nickname means ‘Joker’ because he sometimes make people annoy but in a jokey manner.

On his nickname ‘La Pioche’, Paul Pogba told MUTV: “I don’t think people understand as it’s a French word. Basically, it’s like the joker; the person that jokes and likes to annoy people sometimes.

“But in a jokey way. That’s ‘La Pioche’. How I see it – the Pioche to other people.

“It comes from the comedian that is called Michel Gohou, from Ivory Coast. He used to joke with people and he used to say jokes; say things that never happened. Stuff like that. My La Pioche is a bit different from that Pioche! I don’t know if you get it?!”

Manchester United last won the Premier League title in 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Since then, Man United had finished outside the top four more than they made the Champions League qualification cut.

This year, Manchester United were in the 1st position in the league but due to their inconsistency against the average teams, they dropped to second position and are battling not to go below that.

There has been a massive improvement in the team this season compared to last season and Paul Pogba believes the Red Devils are a ‘few details’ away from challenging Man City for the title.

Paul Pogba told BBC: “We are getting closer and closer [to closing the gap on Manchester City].

“We see that we were struggling a little bit, we know that, but we don’t have to look back.

Paul Pogba claims Manchester United are close to winning the Premier League
Paul Pogba claims Manchester United are close to winning the Premier League

“We have to look forward. What’s forward now is second [place], now we get closer to City, who were, before, to be honest way ahead of us.”

“Now we show them that we can compete. We show that we are here and that we have a team to go and win the title.

“It’s just a few details. We can do it, for sure.

Liverpool did it, City did it and now we’re there.

“We have to show that we can make it as well. That’s the next goal.”

Manchester United will welcome Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday in the Premier League and they will look to build from their massive win over AS Roma on Thursday.

United dismantled Roma 6-2 at Manchester on Thursday night in the Europa League semi-final first leg and will look to maintain their momentum against Liverpool, who are eager to salvage a top-four comeback.