Scott McTominay as next Manchester United captain? What top managers said about midfielder

Scott McTominay as next Manchester United captain? What top managers said about midfielder

Scott McTominay should also be considered as the next Manchester United captain, with many already fed up with Harry Maguire as the club’s captain.

Loads of suggestions have been heard concerning Maguire’s incompetency as Man United captain, including the likes of Rio Ferdinand finally admitting that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made the wrong call to name him as United skipper.

Now, there are thoughts claiming that Maguire could be stripped of the Man United captaincy at the end of the season, with the likes of Bruno Fernandes, David de Gea, and other big names set to take up the responsibility.

Scott McTominay would obviously not be one of the top choices to wear the armband next season but if one would put aside their sole support for a player and genuinely look at the qualities of every player at the club, they would see McTominay isn’t far away from being considered as one.

The Scotland international passed through the system [Manchester United Academy] and obviously knows what it takes to be a Manchester United player.

McTominay isn’t a flamboyant player, which is obvious, and that is because he is dedicated to his duty on the pitch and not the praises he would get off the pitch — definitely what every captain should possess as a quality.

Roy Keane recently slammed Manchester United players after their embarrassing defeat to Manchester City on Sunday, claiming that many United players spend much time on their lifestyle while on the pitch.

Ralf Rangnick believes Scott McTominay is Manchester United's future captain in the making
Ralf Rangnick believes Scott McTominay is Manchester United’s future captain in the making

Roy Keane told Sky Sports: “Who’s running that dressing room? These guys seem more bothered about ‘How am I looking? How’s my hair looking? Are my boots nice? You leave your ego at the door when you play for Manchester United.”

These comments came from a player, who captained Manchester United for a few seasons and it’s obvious he knew what he was saying when he made those claims.

McTominay is disciplined, hardworking, and has always put the club first [dedication] when he is on the pitch. He gives his all [desire] while on the pitch and this hasn’t been questioned.

His social media activity is relatively inactive, which is supposed to be so for a disciplined footballer. Doesn’t chase clouts. Doesn’t pay attention to whatever is said about him or the club as he believes the best way to respond to criticism is by giving out everything on the pitch.

He may not be as talented as Bruno Fernandes or Paul Pogba but something is obvious — the fans are not blind — his desire to play for the club is top-notch, way different from others and he does that on the pitch rather writing a long essay in a bid to defend their horrid performance — something Keane described as ‘bullsh*t’.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has spoken highly of Scott McTominay and touted him as United captain for the future. The Norwegian made him captain against Watford last season and he scored the only goal that took United further in the FA Cup.

Jose Mourinho has also made special comments about the 24-year-old. Sir Alex Ferguson also identified him as a great player.

Ahead of the Atletico Madrid clash in the Champions League round of 16 first leg, Diego Simeone hailed the midfielder as one of the best midfielders in the world with great balance.

Something Ralf Rangnick has also talked about, stating that Scott McTominay brings energy and balance to the team, something no fan would raise their eyebrows over it except they have personal agendas on the midfielder.

Sir Alex Ferguson said: “Scott McTominay is now emerging as one of Man United’s big players. When you watch Man United pick their team for a big game, McTominay’s name is in it. He’s a good character, a great trainer.

“I know a little bit about the boy and I think that’s the background.”

Scott McTominay should be considered as next Manchester United captain
Scott McTominay should be considered as the next Manchester United captain

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told BBC after his header vs Watford: “Scott has had a very good season. I wanted to test him today so I gave him the armband to see if there was any change in him and how he would react, but there wasn’t.

“He’s got great character. He comes in every day, does the right things, lives his life properly, wants to be the best he can be, not afraid of being vocal but always goes out there to do his best, he’s got everything a leader has to have.”

Jose Mourinho complemented McTominay’s leadership skills: “The meaning is important. I think the dream of every boy that arrives at the club is to play for the first-team. When the dream becomes true, the next dream is to play in big matches and to play in the Champions League and eventually to play for the national team.

“This player has given everything in five or six months, so my player of the year has to be Scott McTominay.”

Diego Simeone: “They [Manchester United] have an incredible midfield. I am incredibly impressed with the work rate.

“Pogba and [Scott] McTominay are two of the best midfielders in the world with a great balance.”

Ralf Rangnick predicts McTominay as a future skipper: “He is an academy boy, his energy is amazing. He now also starts scoring goals and also with some leadership skills. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years he would be the captain of this team.”