The tactic Fred used to win penalty during Arsenal clash at Manchester United

The tactic Fred used to win penalty during Arsenal clash at Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder Fred won a penalty that eventually handed his side a tight 3-2 win over Arsenal on Thursday night in the Premier League.

Man United fell behind early in the game after Smith-Rowe scored the opener from outside the penalty box, though David de Gea was laying down on the pitch due to a contact he suffered from Fred while the ball entered the net.

Bruno Fernandes scored the equaliser towards the end of the first half, with Fred providing the assist.

Early in the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo scored United’s goal from a close-range to put the Red Devils in front.

Martin Odegaard scored the equaliser from a close-range as well.

Both teams pressed harder to get the third goal but it was Manchester United, who were able to find the match-winning goal, thanks to a superb penalty strike from Ronaldo.

How did Fred win the penalty?

Fred and Odegaard were challenging for a loose ball inside the penalty box. The Brazilian saw Odegaard applying pressure from behind and because he was just ahead of the Norwegian, he did well to get in front of Odegaard, who was about to slide the ball off the danger zone.

Fred put his left foot against Odegaard’s left foot as strong as he could in order to prevent the Arsenal star from eventually getting in contact with the ball.

After he successfully guided the ball with his left foot, he knew too well that he received a strong contact from the Arsenal man but to make it look really smooth, he used his right foot to cool the ball.

At first, it was confusing for Martin Atkinson, who earlier thought Martin Odegaard actually made contact with the ball.

After a VAR review, Atkinson found out his initial call was wrong and ended up handing United a well-deserved penalty.

An experienced move from Fred. Just the same with how Thiago Silva won a penalty against Manchester United last weekend after putting his leg behind the ball in order to leave Aaron Wan-Bissaka no choice but to make contact with his leg before the ball.