What Scott McTominay said after Manchester United’s massive defeat to Man City

What Scott McTominay said after Manchester United's massive defeat to Man City

Scott McTominay said Manchester United’s performance in the second half against Manchester City was ‘disappointing’, given how sloppy they were after the interval.

Man United went behind less than five minutes into the game after letting Kevin de Bruyne score from a close range. A few minutes later, Manchester United fought their way back into the game when Jadon Sancho scored a beautiful curl.

Midway through the first half, de Bruyne restored Man City’s lead from a close range after a melee in the Manchester United box that fell nicely onto his path.

Many would have thought Manchester United had planned on how to stage a comeback early in the second half and force for a late winner but the opposite was rather the case.

After the interval, The Red Devils showed no desire of fighting their way back into the game and did more defending, hence limiting themselves to zero shots in the entire second half.

Late in the game, when Manchester United looked like they had accepted to lose the game at 2-1, Riyad Mahrez doubled City’s lead with a beautiful volley.

That still didn’t wake Man United up. Ralf Rangnick’s intervention with his substitutes didn’t either. Riyad Mahrez scored his brace and Manchester City’s fourth goal in the game in the additional minutes.

After the final whistle, Scott McTominay agreed that he and his team-mates gave away sloppy passes in the second half and found it difficult to regain possession.

Scott McTominay felt disappointed after Manchester United's defeat to Man City
Scott McTominay felt disappointed after Manchester United’s defeat to Man City

“We gave the ball away too much in the second half. In transitions pretty much every time we gave the ball away they kept it for 15-20 passes and we found it difficult to get the ball back,” McTominay told Sky Sports.

“For us, the most disappointing thing was how sloppy we were in the second half. That’s been spoken about in the dressing room. When you come to a place like this, you’re still in the game at 2-1, you can’t give the ball away.”

On Riyad Mahrez’s volley [Manchester City’s third goal], McTominay described it as a ‘soft’ goal: “It’s such a soft goal for us to concede – we know that. It comes down to fine details like that which are killing us at the minute.”

The Scotland international continued on Manchester United’s embarrassing performance: “We get so many chances and opportunities to sustain pressure around their box, but we just don’t do it. It’s always the killer pass or it’s always something fancy.

“We can’t let something like this be so damaging to us where we [then] lack confidence going into the next game. We have to stick together.”